Key Items for Well-Executed Food Presentation

There are many other venues which sell food, and your business is vying for customer attention against all of them. Even the local dollar store, which sells cheap cookies and snack products, is your competitor. This makes a well-executed food presentation vital, as it enables you to stand out amongst the crowd.

Below are a few key items that can assist you in your food presentation task. One or all may work best for you, but all will make your food presentation more organized for a better execution.

Display Case

A display case is often featured center in a store, and at times doubles as a register. A clear front allows customers to see inside. You have seen these in most delis and bakeries. There are both refrigerated and non-refrigerated options available, as well as a wide range of size options.

Salad Bar

refrigerated salad bar

A refrigerated salad bar is a perfect extra-touch for all seated restaurants. It offers a wider variety for customers and allows for customers to create their own salad to preference. For the back end of operations, a salad bar also serves the distinct purpose of freeing up your kitchen staff for more important tasks.

Glass-Front Drink Case

This is commonly seen in convenient and grocery stores but can also be used for single-serve snacks in bakeries or the front-end of a restaurant. It displays items (mostly common beverages) in an upright position, viewable through a transparent glass door, which can be opened for patrons to serve themselves.

Sturdy Shelving

Sturdy shelving comes in various forms, with materials most often used being metal and wood. These are used for nonperishable items, and can be purchased in varying heights, widths, and depths. They present items like packaged food in neat rows, easily accessible to patrons to gran on their own.