German Culture; From Culinary Art To Music, Even To Sports

Renowned across the world, if there is one sport for which the Germans are famous for, it would have to be soccer. They have got four world cups to show for it. In your neck of the woods, it may be known as football. To them it is all fuss Bal anyhow. Perhaps motorsport can be added too. But surely by now, the Germans are more famous for the cars they have been manufacturing over the last hundred years or so.

Spanning a period of hundreds of years, the Germans are perhaps even more famous for the stirring music they have created. In fact, their national anthem is one of the most recognized the world over. What may be surprising, however, is their lack of fame in the kitchen. The Germans are not renowned for their culinary arts as their next-door French and Italian neighbors are. But the world loves them nevertheless for the german specialties they have been offering for years.

german specialties

Ever wonder where the much loved hamburger originated. Go figure, they even have a town named after the famous roll with beef, relish and sauce. Not to be outdone should be the sausage dog, or to be more accurate, the hotdog. But the germans have bratwurst and Buckhurst by the barrel. If you love your pork, you’ve got to love the famous Eisbein. And if you’re not so into the meat eating frenzy, you’ve got to love the sauerkraut.

Its pickled cabbage and it’s got a rather distinct and piquant flavor. And it’s actually quite good for you. There’s one time of the year that the Germans are famous for, It’s in the month of October. And if you like your beer, you’re going to love your German beer.