Get In Touch With Your Inner Foodie

Imagine … the sun is just starting to set to your left. To your right, the tops of the mountains are still basking in the red glow which will be gone in minutes. A few moments ago two people, one of whom you know well and one you know not-at-all have just committed their lives to each other.

Now, waiters are making their way toward you with a choice of a delicious rose or a crisp white. The descendants of the grapes you are just about to drink still cling to their branches about a hundred yards away.

You’ve guessed it! You’re at a wedding in a winery in northern California.

Wine is only the beginning

The winemaking provides the context for so much other life in Napa Valley and Sonoma, California. Sonoma historic wineries santa rosa ca know how this area of Northern California has come to mean so much more than growing, picking and bottling.


Originally the vines which started the wine industry in California came from France. But a crop blight in France meant that a lot of those same vines were transported back. If you want to see it that way, the French wine industry is based on the American. Zut Alors!

Sonoma historic wineries santa rosa ca


Since those pioneering days though, the industry has developed and expanded. While making wine is still the primary focus, vineyard owners have realized their business takes part in the heart of the beautiful country and they have large properties.


Now tourism is a good second to the winemaking. Want to take a hot air balloon in the morning? Want to try the mud baths? Want to fly in a glider? No problem, and only a matter of a couple of hours from San Francisco too.